Get Free Tickets to Attend Royal Ceremonies

Trooping the Colour

English: Forming up to march past

English: Forming up to march past (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Trooping of the Colour is a big military parade held on Horseguards Parade – a 15 min walk from Pimlico – in oder to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday (she has a real birthday, and another one!). To get tickets for the event itself you have to enter the ballot January and Febuary (i.e. NOW):

Ask for up to 3 tickets providing a stamped addressed envelope and send your application to:

Brigade Major
HQ Household Division
Horse Guards
London SW1A 2AX.

If selected in the ballot, you will be asked to pay around £25 per ticket, however if you are unsuccesful you will be given the option of attending the rehearsals that take place a few weeks before the main event for Free!

The Garter Ceremony

At Windsor Castle in June a rather procession by most of the Royal Family and other top people in Fancy Dress through the Castle to an ancient church service. You can get up to 4 FREE tickets by sending an email (again in January or Febuary) to with your name and address. 


tower16.jpg (Photo credit: blogadoon)

Ceremony of the Keys

Inside the Tower of London every night, not visible by the general public. Free tickets to see the Beefeaters and soldiers ceremonially locking the fortress. To apply, send a letter with all the names of the people attending, two possible dates at least three months in advance and a stamped addressed envelope to:

Ceremony of the Keys Office,
Tower of London,

Pimlico Free Guided Walks

This weekend there are 3 great Guided Walks starting or finishing by Pimlico, which don’t need booking and are all free!

Meet at Westminster or Embankment Tube Stations for a 2 Hour, less than 5 Mile walk guided by an expert.


Old Westminster – 1,000 Years of History

This is the great seminal London Walk. Old Westminster is London at its grandest: the place where kings and queens are crowned, lived, and often buried. It’s the forge of the national destiny, the Mecca of politicians throughout the ages. The past here is cast in stone and we take it all in: ancient Westminster Hall, the Houses of Parliament, the Jewel Tower, Westminster Abbey and Cabinet War Rooms. And to see it with a great guide is to have that past suddenly rise to the surface. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Old Westminster – 1,000 Years of History

Somewhere Else London

A wonderful walk that gets you into back streets that you’d never find off your own bat.That discovery alone makes this one of those bewitching “somewhere else” London Walks. Getting there involves a high octane stroll along the Thames, past the world’s foremost arts complex, London’s best loved old theatre, a real London street market, a stunning bird’s eye view of the capital (there’s a lift), and buckets of character.

Somewhere Else London

Subterranean London – What You’re Overlooking

The Cobra Room, Secret Tunnels, Bomb Shelters, Crypts, Lost Rivers, Trains & Drains: ‘Nowhere else is the tangle of infrastructure – new and old – with history and geology more intriguing or problematic’. (from Beneath the Metropolis The Secret Lives of Cities Alex Marshall). The London we know is just the crust: there’s another world down there. Everything from the squat, camouflaged, granite-hard redoubt where the last stand would be made against the Nazis to the ultra-secret Cobra Room. Find out what’s under your feet with a guide who can show you the tell-tale ripples on the surface: vents, secret doorways, emergency exits, the “last stand” redoubt. The old familiar London will never look the same again.

Subterranean London – What You’re Overlooking

Queens Jubilee Pageant Passing Pimlico – Map

Thames Jubilee Pageant Map from

Blogging on Pimlico, London, Renting, Property, and Flats – Pimlico

English: The Clock Tower of the Palace of West...

I try to keep this blog tightly on the subjects of Pimlico, Renting, and Flats. It’s not too difficult because I can use the Forum to ramble about other subjects, and this keeps the blog focussed.

I thought that I would stray a little to talk about this blog, and blogging, as a way of thanking my many sources of information, and I have broken the story into three parts.







Blogging about Pimlico is probably the easiest of my 3 core subjects, particularly since I define “Pimlico” as being anywhere within walking distance of Pimlico Flats – so that covers Central London, and makes:

  • Victoria & Belgravia “North Pimlico”,
  • Kensington and Chelsea “West Pimlico”,
  • Battersea, Vauxhall, Stockwell, Clapham “South Pimlico”
  • Westminster, Soho “East Pimlico”

I try to focus on free and little published events and attractions, as the bigger professional things are generally commercially advertised and known about. My biggest source of information is the weekly publication The Pimlico News and Journal which is something that I publish myself and is automatically curated from various feeds. It has been sufficiently successful that I now carry it as a page on this website which can be accessed from the menu on the left.

It’s a great Newspaper but I must give thanks to some of the contributors. There are of course the usual traditional sources of information, BBC, Newspapers, but the purpose of niche blogging is to uncover the real story, and here are the local blogs and websites which I follow in order to reach the news other blogs can’t reach:

London Blogs

  • Foremost has to be the Westminster Chronicle  just because we need professional journalists and local newspapers in our lives, and if you don’t use them and pay for them we will lose them, and be all the poorer. I don’t know how the power of the internet will pan out, but printed news is under pressure from free blogs like this, and the free “Pimlico News and Journal” that I just promoted. In spite of my competition with the Chronicle all I can say is that we need our local shops, and newspapers, so please buy a copy from your local newsagent.
  • Londonist  a website about London and everything that happens in it – it’s a professional publication set up in 2004 as The Big Smoker. I like it because, although it is a comprehensive London-wide reference resource, it carries this off with humour and is in touch with it’s community roots (e.g. the Hand Drawn Maps initiative). They provide everything you need to know about the capital, as well as celebrating the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city.
  • Discovering London – which I juxtapose alongside Londonist because Peter’s blog is small, if not tiny, yet it is brimming over with personality, quality, and originality. Peter has yet to reach his 1st anniversary of blogging, but already his website is one of my favourites.
  • Tired of London, Tired of Life began in October 2008 as a place to document those moments of inspiration for making living in London exciting & different. Doing the same thing day after day can get anyone down, but our city has an almost infinite number of things to see and do. If you’re not getting the most out of London, it is a sad truth that you have no one to blame but yourself. This site was part of a personal plan for the author to get the most out of the greatest city on earth, and it has worked.
  • Going Underground Look at what the mainstream press has to say! The magic, mystery & sometimes maddening shortcomings of London’s Tube are documented with love, enthusiasm & sometimes despair by its unofficial social historian ……. The best blogs have a tinge of obsession about them … On some mornings it can feel like the only reason to be grateful that the Tube exists … one of London’s obsessives
  • Young and Poor  Cheap/free events, gigs, food & drink, or sales —  never paid to mention things so it’s only things worth recommending.
  • Ian Visits does NOT list the mainstream music/theatre/film events which are already so well supplied by the major newspapers and magazines – but DOES list the heritage open days, walking tours and mostly, the astonishing array of free (or cheap) lectures that the societies and universities of London provide. It’s a personal resource of remarkable usefulness.
  • Boris Watch An act of frustration, at the loss to apparent personality politics, and the accusation that somehow young people are to blame …… but also a great tap into the stories that THEY don’t want you to read about.
  • Laura Porter London-based travel writer & VisitBritain Super Blogger, mum, copywriter, tea drinker, afternoon tea addict & all-round London obsessive. She is a professional travel writer for About but I have recommended her twitter feed as she is a model in how to use Social Media. She does so much more than just promote her own writing, and is very generous with the links and information that she publishes. Consequently I would say – if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of mainstream London – follow Laura.


English: Pimlico tube station backlit platform...
Now publishing any list of recommendations is always fraught – you forget someone important, offend others, and no doubt there are excellent resources that I am yet to stumble across. I have tried to give an honest account of how I produce the Pimlico Blog, but by no means would I say that it is perfect. I would be delighted if readers add their own suggestions in the comments of websites and blogs that we should all be reading and following.

Westminster Free Guided Walk – “Stars of Stage and Screen”

Westminster Free Guided Walk - "Stars of Stage and Screen"

"Stars of Stage and Screen"

Walk One of London’s Lost Rivers Through Pimlico

WORK 16/376; is an illustration, said to be fr...
Image via Wikipedia

The Tyburn, one of London’s lost rivers runs mostly underground from Hampstead to Vauxhall.  The southern stretch passes through Pimlico which was once marshland with the Tyburn central to its topography.

Next Saturday 16 October City of Westminster Guides will be offering free walks exploring Pimlico.  You will discover evidence of the river’s history and how the area has developed around it.

The hour long walk leaves the appropriately named Willow Walk pub, 25 Wilton Road SW1V 1LW near Victoria Station on the hour every hour between 10am and 4pm and finishes near Pimlico tube.

No need to book in advance just turn up.

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