The New London Bus Hits Pimlico

New London Bus

New London Bus 38 Hackney - Victoria

The New London Bus hit the streets today – the 38 running from Hackney to Pimlico’s Victoria Bus Station. The inaugural journey had the bus tailgated all the way by a Routemaster hired by the ‘Sack Boris’ group and daubed with banners decrying it as a vanity bus (the outlay of £11.37m has bought just eight prototype buses).

Sack Boris Bus

Sack Boris Bus

Journey reports are that on the upper deck it quickly became very stuffy, and condensation formed on the windows because the New Bus has fixed windows that cannot be opened, but if things become sweaty on a mild February day, the bus might be a less than pleasant place to be come summer. Once the bus reached Victoria it had to be ignominiously parked up whilst engineers tried to fix it’s software – but hey, that’s why we have prototypes!

If you want to ride the new bus here is it’s timetable.

Look at the Local Amenities before you Rent a London Flat

How Far – Can I walk?

Everyone knows how important local shops, restaurants, pubs, buses, trains and tube stations are to where you live. The key question when flat hunting is – “how far away are local amenities?” and – “can I walk to them?”.

In order to speed up hunting for a London Flat to rent it’s important to do your research online before you start the time consuming process of booking and attending viewings. Use Google and Google Streetview to look at the property, the street it is in, and how far it is to local amenities.

Fortunately there is a new facility to enable you to automate the process, and I’ve embedded it in this blog, so you can give it a spin.

Here is the amenity report for Pimlico Flats, as you can see we are just about in the top 10% of all locations for walkable amenities. You can put any address into the panel above to compare other locations to us. I am confident that you will find that Pimlico Flats is a better place to rent a Flat than 90% of all other locations in London.

Trips from Pimlico for £5

A Transport for London, Oyster smart card

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From 26 June to 25 July, Oyster card and Freedom pass holders can enjoy sensational savings on a huge range of rail journeys from London terminus stations.

From fun by the seaside to cosy cultural trips, or simply an escape to the country, your day out could cost a lot less with an Oyster card or Freedom pass.  Read on to discover some of the fantastic destinations on offer and get ready to get away!

With prices ranging from £5, £10, £15 and £20 you could be…

Catching some rays or some waves, on a trip to one of the South East’s coastal towns. Enjoying a spot of high culture at a reassuringly low price with some amazing savings on rail fares. Or go for some Big City fun with prices so sizzling they’ll make your ice cream melt!

£5 return: Brighton, Bognor Regis, Eastbourne, Littlehampton or Southend-on-Sea.
£5 return: Arundel, Chichester, Dorking or Windsor.
£10 return: Oxford or Cambridge.
£15 return: Salisbury, Stratford-upon-Avon or Winchester .
£15 return: Birmingham, Liverpool or Southampton.
£20 return: Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff or Norwich.

Taking advantage of these super savings is simple and is open to anyone who holds a valid Oyster card or Freedom pass. All you need to do is:

1.    Download a special rail voucher for each return rail journey.

2.    Use your Oyster card or Freedom pass to reach the London terminal station and show your voucher at the booking office to receive your cheap rail ticket.

And that’s all there is to it! So for low-cost rail fares to a whole host of exciting destinations, your Oyster card could be just the ticket!

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Debden is the only place you can’t rent Pimlico Flats

London Underground roundel logo

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For a couple of weeks now I have been posting in various places scary and astounding facts, such as that Debden is the only Tube station not to use any of the letters in “Pimlico Flats” in it’s name, or

Do you know the only tube station not to have any of the letters in “Tesco iSold” in it’s name?

I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me how I know these things, but as no one has – I’m going to tell you anyway. For about 3 weeks the internet has been featuring the important information that Pimlico is the only Underground station which does not contain any of the letters in the word ‘badger’, a few people felt such a statement shouldn’t go unverified and with a call like that up stepped Ben Green with his website for testing Tube Stations.

So know we know:

Debden is the only place you can’t rent Pimlico Flats

Pimlico is the only Underground station which does not contain any of the letters in the word ‘badger’

The only tube station not to have any of the letters “Tesco iSold” in it’s name is Bank

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Deliveries to your London Flat

Parking violation

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If you are having goods delivered into Pimlico or other London based apartments, then make sure you have some details to hand that will be useful for your delivery company.

Pimlico is in the congestion zone so the congestion zone fee will be added to your bill unless your delivery company has exemptions. Motorbikes and LPG vehicles are exempt at present. You may want to ask the courier / delivery service at the time of booking, so that you are not caught unawares.

Some flats or apartments in Pimlico are two or three floors from the ground. Make it clear whether you want the courier to bring up the item or leave it in the hallway or reception area. As many Pimlico Apartments have ‘residents only’ parking, you can understand the drivers reluctance to deliver the door – it may mean he gets a parking ticket.

By the same token, if you are a person who is not very mobile just let them know at the time of booking so the courier/delivery driver can leave a sign on the dashboard to let parking wardens know he will be back in a few minutes.

The biggest problem your courier will face when delivering to you will be the traffic. Apartments in central London are highly sought after so the resident can avoid the queues around Victoria and other stations but that means someone else will drive through the very same traffic to reach you.

Some same day courier companies will deliver out of hours which is great for avoiding London traffic and avoiding the congestion charge / traffic wardens. If this kind of service suits you better,  just let your company know at the time of booking – then your day won’t be wasted waiting in for a delivery.

Sarah Arrow
Sarah Arrow is a director of a same day courier company based in Essex. They deliver in and out of London daily and help companies deliver in a sustainable, greener way. They can be contacted on 0844 884 3331 (local rate).

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Pimlico Traffic Jam

Nick as Santa

Nick as Santa

It doesn’t happen very often, but we have our own regular traffic jam for a few weeks. They are installing barriers on Ecclestone Bridge (over the lines coming out of the back of Victoria Station) and there are going to be lane restrictions. It’s the main route north out of Pimlico (at the end of Belgrave Rd.) and you are best using Ebury Bridge instead.

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