New Way for Tenants to Find London Flats to Rent

Today Google UK has provided tenants with a new flat hunting service with Google Maps. The new property finder service, which goes live today, will allow home renters to search for properties by city or location and drill down by specifics such as price, type and numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Google has signed up UK partners and has several hundreds of thousands of properties available for the launch today, the service is free to both tenants and landlords as Google will make money from running ads above and below search results.

If you want to use this new facility to find your flat got to Google Maps and search for the area that you want to find a home in.

Google Maps Search

Google Maps Search

Click on “Show search options” and then chose “Property” from the drop down menu

Google Maps Properties

Google Maps Properties

Google Maps Properties 2

Google Maps Properties 2

Now when you search you will have a window into which you can enter the sort of property that you are searching for – Rent or Buy, what price range, how many bedrooms ……… the search results will be shown on a map, with more information appearing when you hover your mouse over the location, and the listings for each side down the left hand side menu.

Google Maps Found

Google Maps Found

As with Property Portals in general the system operates by automatic feeds, which means that the small private Landlord is shut out unless they list their property with a Lettings Agent. There are 2 ways around this if you are a small Landord wishing to have your property listed. Pimlico Flats use an online Lettings Agent (Upad) who feed our listings everywhere (including Google Maps) for a fixed £59 fee. The other system is free although I haven’t tried it, but it should work in theory. Google Base is a Classifieds listing site, which feeds Google Maps. Google Base itself only accepts listings through a feed but you can place a free listing on the auction site eBid – and eBid feeds it’s listings onto Google Base. If anyone tries this I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether this works as a way of listing a property on Google Maps.

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Small Websites Offering Value Wanted

I am doing a study of search methods on the Internet & would like to hear from Websites who meet the following criteria:

  • Offer goods or services which are better value for money (either better or cheaper) than generally available.
  • Are difficult to find in normal search due to competition from bigger organisations with larger marketing budgets.

A pre-requisite of your website should be that you are what people are looking for on the Internet, but can’t find. If you meet these criteria please comment or e-mail me with your URL. If you are chosen for the study you should gain publicity for your website.


Submission should include your URL & a statement of less than 200 words as to why your Website is better value for money than others found in a typical search.

It’s that easy to promote your Website in Google Search?

I’ve come across 2 suggestions as to how to promote a website in Google searches which aren’t normally suggested by the SEO companies. I would appreciate your views as to whether these little known techniques work.

Firstly Linking Out. A bundle of blogs suggest that linking out may be more important than is generally believed. No coincidence that I link out to these Blogs!


Secondly, and more radically, a couple of Blogs:

have suggested that Google have provided the tools for users to influence search results.

Google Adsense & Adwords

We only have availability periodically & so we try to manage our Marketing by collecting income from Adsense on the Website, & then when we have a vacancy spending that income on Advertising (e.g. Adwords). We aim to break even – Adsense income paying for all the advertising that we do. The advertising will have the aim of renting our flats, but will have the benefit of boosting our Adsense income.
We would be interested in any comments about that strategy in general, in particular because Google Search degrades a page’s Google Rank if there are Adsense Ads on the page, which implies to us that we may be better off deleting all our Adsense Ads & relying on natural Search results, rather than paying for Adwords to drive traffic to our pages & hoping to cover the advertising costs from Adsense.
The 1st trial hasn’t gone well:
On the 6th December we placed an advert that resulted in 119 different visitors (more than normal). That day we received 6 Adsense clicks (we normally get 0,1,2,3) & a CTR of 26% (it’s normally <10%) & we earned ….. $0!
Normally a click earns $0.2 -> $2. Reading around implies “Invalid Clicks”. The clicks weren’t by me or anyone that I know (yes, I know that I would say that – but then I wouldn’t bother typing this question) – presumably because the daily activity wasn’t “normal”. If our Adsense income is disallowed every time we pay for advertising to drive traffic to our website we are better off not advertising and/or not carrying Adsense.
We would really appreciate your views & comments on this issue.

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