Central London Bedsit £400

This small second floor room has a kitchen (Oven/Hob, Fridge, Sink) & shares 3 toilets, & bathrooms with 10 other Rooms. The house is tenanted with professional central London workers, & the common parts are serviced daily & cleaned weekly.

The house is a recently refurbished stucco fronted property in the Pimlico Conservation Area.

The rent includes Hot Water in the Showers & Bathroom, Water Rates, Council Tax, but not Electricity which is by the tenants own account.

It is suitable for a professional working in Central London, student or short term visitor, after value for money.

£400 pcm

London Bedsit for Rent for £400 pcm

We have a Bedsit available from August 1st for £400 pcm.

All other vacancies have been filled, but please phone 07947 777575 for the latest news.

Normal Internet service returns 3rd August.

London Flats for Rent

London Flats for Rent in May

Studios £850 pcm

Two second floor studio flats suitable for a couple, or single. The flat has a sunny studio room with full height sash window to the South, separate Kitchen, WC/Shower. A laundry with washing machine and tumble drier are available on the floor below. 

The new refurbishment of a stucco fronted property in the Pimlico Conservation area features modern living (free Wireless Broadband Internet, & door entry control ) amidst period features. The rent includes Central Heating, Gas, Electricity, Water Rates, Wireless Broadband, but not Council Tax which is Band A.

Bedsit £400 pcm

This small 1st Floor Room has a small balcony, kitchen (Oven/Hob, Fridge, Sink) & shares 3 Toilets, & Bathrooms with 10 other Rooms. The house is tenanted with professional central London workers, & the common parts are serviced daily & cleaned weekly. The house is a recently refurbished stucco fronted property in the Pimlico Conservation Area.It is suitable for a professional working in Central London, student or short term visitor, after value for money.

Rental Market in Pimlico

The Pimlico Rentals Market appears to be booming, contrary to lettings agents reports . At Pimlico Flats we have had all our vacancies snapped up before we could advertise them, & we are fully occupied for the foreseeable future. It may be that we will have vacancies in March, or more likely April.

How to find the best value flat for your budget in London

In my Blog “How to find a Flat Studio or Bedsit to Rent in London” I describe the different ways that Flat Rentals are marketed in London. The article presents all the different ways equally & without bias, however the question that most people want to know the answer to is “how can I get the best flat for my money”. There are 2 answers to this:

  • Find a Flat that has been mis-valued.
  • Find a Flat with the lowest margin added.
Frankly it is extremely rare to find a flat that has been misvalued. Once you start Flat-Hunting you will very quickly form your own accurate valuations of the rental value of flats, & Landlords & Letting Agents generally know the value of their properties to within 2-3%. However their are 2 ways in which you may be able to get a flat at below it’s market value.
Firstly you may be able to present yourself to the Landlord in such a way that they are prepared to rent the flat at below market value just to have you as a tenant. Reasons might be:
  • You might try it on the basis that they like you, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  • Pretty girls seem to get away with murder, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, Landlords are a miserable crowd.
  • Being honest, reputable, & convincing the Landlord that you will be an excellent guardian of their property is a distinct possibility.
  • Solving a Landlord’s problem, is definitely likely to work. Examples would be:
  1. Offering to redecorate a delapidated flat
  2. Being a Plumber when the Landlord has leaky Pipes
  3. Being a Builder when the Landlord has a leaky Roof or other repair problems
  4. Being a Solicitor when the Landlord has problems with other tenants
  5. Being an Osteopath when the Landlord has a bad back
Secondly a flat might be misvalued because it has been placed with a Letting Agent who isn’t familiar with the area that the property is in. This has actually happened to a friend of mine, so don’t dismiss it. My friend rented a flat for 6 months prior to buying, & stumbled across this flat in an agency near to where he works, which is a much cheaper residential area. The Landlord had placed the flat with an Agency in that area (probably because it was close to where the Landlord worked?), & the Agent valued it based on his local knowledge, not realising the market rate of the flats area was double what he was used to. My friend snapped the flat up the day it went on the market, & still lives their 5 years later (well you would at half price wouldn’t you?).
Frankly the times when those listed techniques get you a bargain will be few & far between, but at least if you are aware of them you stand a chance of being one of the lucky few.
If you read advertisements from Landlords in the press they will very often say “No Agents”. This is because most Lettings Agents get their properties to rent out by responding to Landlord’s Advertisements & promising to let the property for the Landlord’s asked rent plus the Letting Agent’s Commission. This results in the rent to the tenant being increased by 11.5% – 17% (whilst Rent is VAT exempt Agent’s Commission attracts VAT). The most reliable way of getting a bargain is to deal directly with the Landlord.
In the next article in this series I will describe how you can use the Internet to find these privately let bargains.

How to find a Flat Studio or Bedsit to Rent in London


In this article I will attempt to summarise all the different ways of renting flat in London, and the pros & cons of each method. I will follow up this article with further articles detailing how to use each of these methods. I will assume that the tenant seeks a typical London flat, studio, or bedsit, to be rented from a reputable landlord, & is seeking the best value for money for their requirements.

How to Search

The first thing about any search for anything (not just flats to rent) is to be clear about what you want. You are going to make your search incredibly difficult if you aren’t clear about your budget, & your requirements, so spend some time establishing what you want & what isn’t acceptable. Your budget will help you – Pimlico Flats only rent in Pimlico which is one of the more expensive areas in London, and consequently most of our tenants have a particular reason for renting with us – probably they work in Central London. Although Pimlico is one of the nicest & best value areas of central London, if you work in Shepherd’s Bush you will get better value for money in Chiswick,  if you work in West Ham you will get better value for money in Leytonstone or Docklands.

Now that you’ve established what you are looking for it’s time to review where you are going to find it …….. Different types of property are marketed in different ways. If you want a cheap bedsit there is no point walking into Frank Knight Rutley – trust me. Another fact of life that you are going to have to face up to is that there isn’t enough property in central London to go around – it’s a seller’s market, & if you are going to get the best property for your money you need to understand this. For simplicity I am going to divide rental property into 3 types:

  • Cheap
  • Value
  • Luxury
These are pretty broad terms that will help you with your search, & I define them as follows:
  • Cheap means a Bedsit or Studio, or a privately rented flat on a Council Estate. You won’t find these sorts of properties through Letting Agents or Estate Agents simply because the rent isn’t high enough to support their commission. For these properties you have to look to Search Agents & Direct Media. 50% of Pimlico Flats’ stock falls into this category & typical values for Pimlico are £400 – £800 pcm.
  • Value is the typical London Flat, self contained, modernised, in good condition. 50% of Pimlico Flats’ stock falls into this category, & typical values for Pimlico are £800 – £2000. You can find these properties in all the marketing channels.
  • Luxury – if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it, & anyway it’s your PA reading this website & preparing an executive summary for you. These are Pimlico Flats’ neighbours, & jolly nice people they are too. They find their flats through upmarket estate agents.

Where to Search

So now that you know what you are looking for lets review your options on where to look:

Estate Agents & Letting Agents

You should definitely visit a local Agent & ask to view their Lettings list. If you are seriously searching through an Agent then read our article “Beware Men in Suits” & make sure that you work through 2 different agents. Make sure that your Agent is ARLA registered, but be aware that in the event of a dispute with your Landlord the Agent will be looking after the Landlord’s interests, & you may well be worse off than renting directly.

Search Agents

These companies charge tenants for introducing them to Landlords. Under a 1953 Law this is illegal nevertheless it is common practice for cheap property. The reason it is popular is because the Property Search Portals will not accept submissions from individual Landlords, however large, and consequently the value Landlord’s only options are either to advertise through an agency who charges commission (adding 17% to the rental cost of the property) or through one who charges the tenant illegally. These agents are regularly criticised for advertising cheap properties that do not exist as bait to encourage tenants to pay for their services. We at Pimlico Flats do use these agencies as it is the only way that we can cost effectively advertise our properties on the internet., & in spite of the widespread criticism of their practices our own experience of them has been that they are reputable companies. Nevertheless prospective tenants should be aware that many of the Landlords renting through these agencies are not licensed, & do not follow rental law. Although the Agency may be reputable, the agency takes no responsibility for the practices of the landlord.

Direct Media


Personal contacts. Work Notice Board. Intranet.

This is without doubt the best way to get a bargain. The Landlord will be happier knowing where the tenant is coming from, & with some luck that will be reflected in the rent. Watch out for friends who are moving on, & see if their flat is becoming available. If it was previously let out through a Letting Agent or Estate Agent the Landlord will have been paying a fee of up to 17% & they may be prepared to deduct some or all of this from the rent if you take on a tenancy directly with them.
If you have access to an Intranet Pimlico Flats would be very interested in posting our vacancies in your company.


Are you sitting comfortably? Once upon a time ………..
  • all London flats were advertised in the Evening Standard Classifieds.
  • Then around 1990 someone invented Loot, which killed off The Evening Standard Classifieds because Loot was free for Landlords to advertise (people had to buy the paper so the Ads could be free – a radical idea at the time!).
  • Then  someone invented Gumtree, which killed off Loot.
So without beating about the bush – I wouldn’t bother with newspapers.


Searching for a flat on the internet is nowhere near as simple as it appears because it’s a whole host of circular links, but I am about to simplify it for you. Letting Agents & Estate Agents feed their stock into Portals who aggregate these feeds & present them to you as Searches. There are many of these search sites, but at the end of the day you are going round in circles! Whichever site you go to for search you are searching the same pool of feeds, which might sound good, except this pool only represents the properties offered by the large agencies, which are the worst value for money properties. Consequently you have to accept that when searching on any Classifieds or Property Portal you will only see the same properties as any other Classifieds or Property Portal  & that these will be the more expensive properties available through agents.
There are a number of exceptions to this, & we will be publishing a review of the websites who publish adverts from independent landlords. The most well known of these are Gumtree & Craigslist, but unfortunately they are also widely targetted by scammers.
We will be publishing an article on how to use Search Engines to find your ideal flat. If you are unable to land a flat through Personal contacts, Work Notice Board, or Intranet, then the best way of finding your ideal home will be to locate a reputable private landlord. Their are plenty of them, but unfortunately you have to be clever about how you use search engines to find these bargains, as they appear well below the more expensively marketed flats. We will be following this article with a tutorial on honing your search techniques to find that perfect flat!


In order to find the flat that will be your ideal home:
  • Nail Your Budget
  • Nail your Location
  • Identify the appropriate search strategy for your target home.


If you think that Pimlico Flats may be able to provide your dream home put this Blog on your RSS or make one of your favourites.

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