How to Style Your Rented Property


Neutral white walls, mismatched second hand furniture and an eclectic mix of plates and cutlery, must be a rental property. A rental property doesn’t need to be so bland. Here are three easy tips to making your rental property feel more like home.


1. Insert a bit of colour.

Paint is a great way to brighten up your flat and at £25 a can it’s cost effective too. Most landlords won’t mind if you re-decorate but if your personal taste is outlandish (think bright pink walls) they may request that you return the property back to its original state when you leave.

Before you make any changes it is imperative that you seek approval from your landlord first. The landlord may even pay for the paint if you offer to do all the manual work.

2. Choose statement pieces that you can take with you

When furnishing your new place, choose pieces that are easy to pick up and take with you. Smaller items such as light fittings, lamps and rugs are easy items to remove that help your new place look more homely.

The nomadic life of a renter means that with no fixed residency you may not want to spend money on furniture that may not suit or worse fit into your next property. If you live a transient lifestyle bespoke furniture hire might be a better option for you.

3. It’s all in the details.

You’re not in high school anymore so retire those old movie posters in favor of unique artist prints. Many artists these days create limited prints of their work that won’t break the bank. Prints start at around £20 and can go up to £500.

If you shop around at markets such as Spitalfields and Brick Lane you can find some great artist works.

Photos are also a great way to show you actually live at your flat. IKEA stock some cheap photo frames, or for a more individual, eclectic look grab some old photo frames from your local charity shop.

Just because you are renting doesn’t mean that you home needs to look drab. If you are not prepared to invest in a few brushes and paint remember an oversized vase with flowers go a long way.

The author of this post writes for Roomservice by CORT the UK’s leading home furniture hire provider.

Pimlico School (Now Academy) – Architect and Architecture

The Guardian has published an obituary to the architect of Pimlico School. Without doubt the school can lay claim to being the most controversial school of Central London. Politically, Architecturally, and Educationally controversial it was always doomed. Maybe if it had been controversial about two of the three it would now be hailed as the beacon that broke the mould? Certainly one of the first zero carbon foot print buildings designed 30 years before we discovered global warming, deserves a better fate.

Pimlico School

Pimlico School

Sometimes a single building becomes the focus for an architect’s endeavours and reputation. For John Bancroft, who has died aged 82, that building was Pimlico school. Not only did Bancroft design and see this striking landmark of the 1960s through to completion, he also waged an unremitting and lonely struggle for more than a decade to save his cherished creation from destruction, to no ultimate avail.

Pimlico was political from the start. A monument to the comprehensive schooling policies of the Inner London Education Authority and the architectural vagaries of the Greater London council, it was imposed in 1967–70 on a razed and open urban block in the heart of Tory Westminster. A little earlier, and a school in a tower block might have faced off against the surrounding stucco terraces. But by the mid-60s the experts knew what children could do in and to lifts. So Bancroft, the GLC‘s inhouse job architect, opted for a walk-up building of four storeys only, linear and compact, with a stepped section to maximise daylight. The lowest storey was sunk to the levels of the former townhouse basements. Out of this pit, like a creature in a zoo, grew the concrete-and-glass school, glaring at the rectangle of streets all round. Boxy projecting classrooms with canted glazing, supposedly self-cleaning, completed the brutalist effect of provocation.

Unluckily for Bancroft, Pimlico school was out of date when it opened. Educational ideas change fast, and he had been handed an outdated brief. The bigger spaces worked well, but the classrooms were inflexibly shaped and grouped, while the double-height concourse that was the school’s heart was never put to full use after the departure of the enthusiastic first headteacher, Ken Green. Worse, the heating and cooling system was rapidly vandalised, and no lasting solution to the extreme solar gain that was supposed to save the planet & heat the school could be found.

When Westminster council, casting greedy eyes upon the site, decided in 1995 to redevelop half of it with luxury flats and create a smaller school on the other half under a PFI scheme, the idea proved hard to combat. Bancroft, by then long retired but always a doughty campaigner, summoned up influential architectural allies and saw the first scheme off, maintaining that simple changes could renew the school. But he was hamstrung by his inability to get Pimlico listed, ministers taking the expedient view that inherent design faults impaired its architectural value. The last remnants of Pimlico school disappeared this year in favour of what the Guardian calls a faceless substitute – for myself – I quite like the replacement.

Pimlico Development (Chelsea Barracks)

Chelsea Barracks

Chelsea Barracks

Last night (Monday 20th June)  Westminster Council gave consent to an outline master plan for the scheme, which will see the 13-acre property turned into up to 448 houses and flats, a sports centre, shops and a health centre. The plans will now be referred to Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) for approval before detailed designs are submitted.

Two years ago the Prince of Wales intervened over plans for the site objecting to a previous design by the award-winning architect Lord Rogers, and consequently in June 2009, the developer Qatari Diar Real Estate withdrew its planning application. Following the withdrawal of the planning application, Qatari Diar’s then-partner the CPC group (the Candy Brothers) launched a High Court action to get an early payment of £68.5 million after the scheme’s collapse, but the legal bid failed.

The development will include 123 affordable homes down the road in the old refuse docks and water treatment plant, and £78 million being contributed to the council’s affordable housing fund. The Grade II listed chapel on the site will be maintained.

Chelsea Barracks Proposal

Chelsea Barracks Proposal

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Kitchen Lights in your Rented London Flat

Kitchen Low Energy LED Spotlight

Kitchen Low Energy LED Spotlight

Kitchen Low Energy Spotlight

Kitchen Low Energy Spotlight

Lighting is the most important thing in Interior Design.

Yep – Lighting is the most important thing about Interior Design, so when we designed our Flats for rent we got the lighting spot on. We used sleek, contemporary style HD (High Definition) LED lights under our kitchen cabinets to give Pimlico Flats kitchens that WOW! Factor. Not only do our kitchens look stunning, but also we are using a fraction of the energy to light a normal kitchen, and making our contribution to saving the planet.

If you like what you see then contact us to see what flats we have available – if you just want to copy our chic interior design style then take a look at My Kitchen Store and their HD LED Energy Saving Lighting.

Rent a Shower which looks stunning yet is Easy to Clean

Glass Shower Panel in Rented London Flat

Glass Shower Panel in Rented London Flat

The new kid on the block is the glass decorative panel! Sleek, colourful, shiny, glass panels make a fabulous statement and colours that match the rest of our studio colour scheme. Not only do our glass panelled showers look stunning – they are easy to clean with their clean lines and lack of grout to discolour.

We have linked the shower room colours to the kitchen by using the same glass panels as kitchen splashbacks (as supplied by My Kitchen Store) to create a unifying effect throughout the flat.

Glass Splashback

Glass Splashback

Entrance Plans for Pimlico Flats

London House Porch

London House Porch

Pimlico Flats rent studios and flats, and first impressions count for prospective tenants, consequently the next phase of our development is to enhance the entrance, and this will have a number of practical benefits to tenants as well.

As with everything in the Pimlico Conservation area, we can’t blow our nose without permission from the planning department, but we have now reached a stage where we know what we won’t get permission for, and are proceeding with the items which will get approval:

  • Unfortunately we will not be getting permission for individual letterboxes for each property. Letter boxes are a major issue for the planners, and although we have argued hard on behalf of the tenants we are not making progress.
  • Junk Mail is a major problem and we will now be opening discussions with the Post Office to see if they can help us with a solution.
  • We will have permission to paint the foot of the pillars and all the doors black, and tile the porch. This will lead into an entrance hall decorated in a traditional style, with a false ceiling to hide the multitude of cabling. There will be cornices, features and a new Sisal carpet and runner up the stairs. There will be a new reception/office open to the entrance.
  • We will be installing security cameras. Although Pimlico is about as safe as you can be in Central London we are taking the opportunity of the new network wiring to introduce some advanced technology which may be attractive to tenants. We haven’t worked out what we will be doing with the video feeds yet – watch this space (not literally!).
  • We will be installing Solar Panels to heat the Hot Water.
We expect all of this work to be completed before Christmas.

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