Embarrassing Moments Renting a London Flat

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Reading a Letting Agent describing her embarrassment at slamming a door on the fingers of a prospective tenant, and then walking into the flat to see on the walls framed full frontal nude pictures of the current tenants, reminded me of my own flat hunting funny and embarrassing moment. We had arrived at the flat promptly at 10:00 on a Saturday where we were met by the agent. Ringing the bell the agent was a little flummoxed when the tenant opened the door in dressing gown, clearly having just rolled out of bed. She assured us it was fine to view as arranged and asked the agent to conduct the viewing for her, but said it was fine to come in the bedroom where she was going back to bed. The agent took us round the flat, which was actually very nice, but a little spoilt by wedding photos absolutely everywhere – framed on the walls, free standing on the coffee table, mousemats, coasters, mugs, whatever it was there she was with her new bridegroom.

Finally as our last port of call in the viewing we knocked on the bedroom door and walked in. As expected she was back in bed and dozing. The big surprise was – the man in bed with her wasn’t the man in all the wedding photos!

So what has been your funniest viewing?

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Krystyna of Bradley Construction wonders where January has disappeared, and whilst she says that she doesn’t remember in her lifetime having snow so many times in one winter, I myself can remember Winchester St. during the winter of 1963 – much worse!  Because of the extreme weather conditions decoration of the front of the buildings decorating has been delayed for the foreseeable future.

At last house 75 will be complete and the stair carpets will be laid at the end of the first week of February.  This is a lengthy process as the actual carpet needs to be cut to the accurate length then sent off to be bound before it can be laid.  I hope everyone in house 75 is pleased with the finished effect of the hallway.  The new intercom system was ordered and should arrive and be fitted at the same time.

The new open plan reception & office is taking shape, and will contain equipment and tanks associated with the solar panel heating system. This equipment will be put in place and cupboards built to enclose it all.  We hope to have this open area ready by the middle of the month.  Once it is completed we will explore how it may be best used. One possibility might be (subject to fire regulations) a common Internet terminal available for everyone’s use, and possibly a Network printer. The biggest problems with common services like that is that we are not equipped to provide technical support.

Krystyna has been asked to undertake repairs to 75 Flat 1 and the first floor of 79 – the tenants underneath these flats have been suffering from major leaks from showers, which have defied all repair attempts over several years, and so finally we are undertaking two major projects, including structural work to replacing structural timberwork which has rotted as a result of the continual leakages.

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Half Price for Landords Looking to Rent to London Students

Student numbers are growing at 15 times the rate of new supply in London

This has prompted fund manager Inspired Assets to sponsor a conference on Student Accommodation in order to help landlords, investors, accountants, lawyers, developers or fund managers:

  • Discover the opportunities in student and young professional accommodation
  • Find out the accommodation needs of the next generation: types of accommodation, locations, specification…
  • Keep up with the significant trends affecting the sector
  • Learn how to tailor your approach to satisfy demand
  • Get up to speed with creative, modern solutions that combine property, investment, social media and networking
  • Make some superb contacts

The event offers guest speaker Robert Weaver, Head of Residential at Invista Real Estate Management, the largest UK listed real estate fund management group. The Group manages both commercial and residential property across the UK, Continental Europe and Asia-Pacific, and has a total of £5.3bn assets under management.

The Event is:

Thursday, February 11, 2010 from 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM (GMT)

The May Fair Hotel
Stratton Street
W1J 8LT London
United Kingdom

If you book it at and use the discount code 4WALLS you can get one ticket half price.

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Walk London – Guided Walk from Pimlico

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Tomorrow, Saturday 30th January, Walk London provide a free guided walk passing two bridges, two palaces and two secret services, the walk will reveal many other fascinating facts. Discover Thomas Cubitt’s development of Pimlico; MI6 and Doultons Ceramics on the Albert Embankment; the Tate Gallery and what was Milbank Prison; the Flood of 1928; MI5; three Lambeth Bridges; the Horseferry and Lambeth Palace; St Thomas’s Hospital; the Palace of Westminster, the ‘Great Stink’ and Westminster Bridge – finishing outside Portcullis House with the view to St Paul’s.

Meet at 10:30 a.m. at Pimlico Tube Station. Note that there are 2 entrances either side of Lupus Street and the walk organisers haven’t specified at which one they are meeting. The walk finish is at Westminster Tube, it is 2.5 miles, and will take approx 2 1/2 hours

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Is Pimlico the Best Place in London to Have Sex?

I don’t know if this is another Blog that I am going to regret writing, I seem to be accident prone these days, maybe I should employ someone else to write my headlines! I have a number of automatic searches done for me automatically by minions such as Google, and today I was rather surprised to see “Pimlico Escorts” pop up. Because of the large number of Judges and MPs who have their London Pied a Terre in Pimlico, it is often said that Pimlico is the best place to keep your mistress, nevertheless our quiet residential area isn’t exactly as renown as our neighbour Soho in that department. Being a curious type I couldn’t resist following the link to see what I have been missing on our doorstep ………

A Pimlico Escort

……. well perhaps predictably the website is actually a London one, which hopes to catch local markets with specialist pages, but I felt that they astutely summarised Pimlico’s features and advantages, albeit from a limited perspective.

If London was a dartboard, and your dart found itself embedded in Pimlico, you’d not be far off bullseye. It is difficult to get much more central than Pimlico, and therefore the place has that aura of excitement exclusive to more central places.

Quite residential, many of the houses feature historic and beautiful architecture, adding to the pleasant atmosphere of the area. Although more residential than other central areas, Pimlico is not without its own entertainment. However, residents of Pimlico might take advantage of the close proximity of other areas of Central London when seeking bars or clubs, and with ample methods of transport, who can blame them?

So thank you Pimlico Escorts for explaining so succinctly why Pimlico is the best place in London to live, whatever you are going to do. Besides I would have to answer to Mrs. Pimlico Flats if I were to recommend anywhere else.

Dare I ask where you recommend?

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Take What you Want from Pimlico Flats Rent Free

Blogging frequently involves getting inspiration and sometimes content from elsewhere, and the conventions of attribution should be followed. I have in my past on one occasion not done this, and I am ashamed of myself and the article is no longer on the website. If you are reading something on this website that you feel is valuable and bears repeating please feel free to do so. Please include an attribution with anything that you copy – and to help you do this I have installed Tynt which will do the attribution for you. Also please feel free to use any of our photos and videos with attribution, the hotlinking block was put on because I got annoyed by some people just using my photographs without saying “Thank You”, and to prevent scamming websites use my content to rob tenants by pretending to be a landlord. Guest Bloggers here retain copyright for their work, and if it isn’t too much trouble please could you acknowledge the Guest as well as this site.

I was prompted to write this blog after reading Leo’s Zenhabits, one of the top 100 blogs on the internet. I’ve copied my summary of his words, and you can link to the full text by clicking Vitruvian Man. I would recommend that you read his blog as I find superb tips for modern living there.

Zen & Vitruvian Man

Zen & Vitruvian Man

“I’m granting full permission to use any of my content on Zen Habits or in my ebook, Zen To Done, in any way you like. From now on, there is no need to email me for permission. Use it however you want! Email it, share it, reprint it with or without credit. Change it around, put in a bunch of swear words and attribute them to me. It’s OK. :) While you are under no obligation to do so, I would appreciate it if you give me credit for any work of mine that you use, and ideally, link back to the original. If you feel like spreading a copy of my ebook, I’d appreciate payment. I’d prefer people buy my ebook, but if they want to share with friends, they have every right to do so. I’m not a big fan of copyright laws anyway, especially as they’re being applied these days by corporations, used to crack down on the little guys so they can continue their large profits.

Copyrights are often touted as protecting the artist, but in most cases the artist gets very little while the corporations make most of the money. I’m trying this experiment to see whether releasing copyright really hurts the creator of the content.

I think, in most cases, the protectionism that is touted by “anti-piracy” campaigns and lawsuits and lobbying actually hurts the artist. Limiting distribution to protect profits isn’t a good thing.

The lack of copyright, and blatant copying by other artists and even businesses, never hurt Leonardo da Vinci when it comes to images such as the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, or the Vitruvian Man. It’s never hurt Shakespeare. I doubt that it’s ever really hurt any artist (although I might just be ignorant here).”

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