Do you complain to your Landlord if the Neighbour is noisy?

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I’m sorry to tell you that under no circumstances do you complain to your Landlord if the neighbour is noisy. It simply isn’t the Landlord’s job – however, it IS the Council’s job.

Noise is part of living in a busy city, but excessive noise can really affect people’s quality of life. Perhaps because Pimlico is so quiet, an isolated noisy activity can appear all the more irritating, and consequently Westminster City Council run a noise team to stop noisy neighbours. In 2008 it handled 19,066 calls, with the aim of responding to each complaint within 45 minutes, and they prosecuted 25 people over noise and served 768 noise and statutory nuisance notices.

The team specialise in:

  • noisy neighbours and dogs (including loud music and parties)
  • building sites, roadworks and DIY works
  • prolonged ringing of burglar and car alarms
  • ventilation systems and plant noise
  • noisy vehicles, equipment or machinery in the street
  • night clubs and licensed premises
  • odours and pests
  • drainage and waste accumulation

If you are being disturbed by noise in Westminster call 020 7641 2000 at any time and in 45 minutes your problem will be over.

Well maybe – if your neighbours are indulging in noisy sex a recent ruling by West Oxfordshire District Council, claims that the noise is a ‘fundamental domestic activity’ and is not breaking any laws.

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    Thanks for this Nick

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