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Renting Flats in London Blog is about:

Helping people rent a great flat in London


How to find the best flat, and get it at the best price. Rentals is a big market, and the product – a home – is the most important that there is.

It is also a very dangerous market, thieves abound, particularly on the Internet. We aim to open your eyes to the possibilities and dangers.


Property is a popular subject – look at daytime TV! As professional landlords we have a lot of experience about flats, and how to build, decorate and furnish to achieve a lovely home.


We are lucky to live in what is undeniably one of the world’s greatest cities. City life is different, exciting, inspirational, exhausting. We aim to pass on our tips to make a brief stay or a lengthy life here as enjoyable and productive as possible. Naturally the center of our attention will be Pimlico, Westminster, SW1

Pimlico Flats

Pimlico Flats was originally called The Seventies because of the address of the houses, and also because it was contemporary & witty when I thought of it in the 1970s. In the new millennium we started trading as Pimlico Flats as more informative about what we do. In spite of this Corporate Re-branding exercise we are a small company, although large by the standards of UK private landlords. We are dedicated to providing quality affordable accommodation in London, & we are lucky to be based in one of the best locations in London – Pimlico.

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July 2015


1 Bed Studio Flat £1000 pcm

2 Bed Flat £1800 pcm

Short stays £150/Night
The Landlords own
1 Bed (Double) Flat


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