Primelocation Property Blogging Awards Results

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A couple of weeks ago I gave my take on the Primelocation Property Blogging Awards lineup.

Now the results have been announced I am delighted that the judges and voting proletariat have made their awards in line with my own reading habits:

Best blog
One of my favourite reads, and very nearly my vote in the users section. The judges were won over by his topical, insightful and authoritative property market musings.

Best blog post
What Sam Saw Today: Today I got rid of squatters from my London flat
Is it so very bad of me to feel smug and say “I told you so?”. Three months ago, soon after it’s launch I fingered “What Sam Saw Today” as THE up and coming Blog. In the words of the judges “These reflections delve into the joy and pain of being a property developer by telling personal stories to make this blog compelling reading. This post scooped the prize because of its great pace and drama – an online page turner if there ever was one.”

Best newcomer
Winner: Planet Property
This new blog from property writer Mike O’Flynn ran away with the Best Newcomer crown, thanks to its fresh mix of news, views and fun featured properties. Being a newcomer I haven’t read it yet ….. but that is going to change!
The Users’ Favourite Blog
Buying Agent
Yes – this is the one that we the readers voted for. Over 1,200 votes were cast and 25% went to Buying Agent – also known as Tracy Kellett – who writes this unapologetically opinionated blog about her life as a buying agent.

It was a tight competition throughout, with Tracey always in the lead, but pushed to the finish line by Moregeous a creditable runner up with just a gap of 3%  between winner and runner up.
The final position in the voting was as follows:
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The official Primelocation Property Blogging Awards Results

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2 Responses to “Primelocation Property Blogging Awards Results”

  1. Tony says:

    All the blog writing has inspired me to start writing again, long after I left lyrics and music for Interior design as my fave creative interest, now made to think again! Writing is such a pleasure, either music,words or stories and now blogs are inspiring me even to think about making films, Thanks to all you writers for re-awakening my passion to tell a story, or say something about what I have seen,how it touched me,what was funny or just in my humble opinion. Well done to all winners,you have reminded me writing about it is so important!

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks Nick – I can just see that smug look on your face now :) I am thrilled you have always had such belief in me!

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