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The UK private rented sector as a source of affordable accommodation

  • Features of the UK private rented sector
  • The impact of extending security of tenure and introducing second generation rent controls
  • The potential for the private rented sector to provide an alternative to home-ownership for households who are priced out of home-ownership, or for whom risks are too high.

The UK private rented sector as a source of affordable accommodation

29 Tips on Tenancy Agreements

Day 2 – Why use one?
You don’t actually need a written agreement to create a valid tenancy. The post explains why you should.

Day 3 – Tenancy or license?
One of those legal hair splitting things. I explain the difference and why it is important.

Day 4 – Tenancy types
Not all tenancies are assured shorthold tenancies. This posts looks at the different types and explains why it is so important to use the correct agreement for the correct tenancy type.

Day 5 – Shared houses
There are two main ways of dealing with situations where several people will be sharing a property. This post looks at them both and when you should use them

Day 6 – Parties
Not birthday parties, silly! The parties to the agreement. This means the landlord, the tenant, and sometimes the guarantor. Things discussed include children, agents and when only one of joint owners is listed as the landlord.

Day 7 –Addresses
Looking at section 48 notices, and company registered offices.

Day 8 – Guarantees
How they work, and when they should be included with the tenancy agreement.

Day 9 – Agents
I take a look at the law of agency, and discuss if and when agents should go on the tenancy agreement.

Day 10 – The property
Tips on describing the property to be let correctly in the tenancy agreement

Day 11 – Rent
I discuss setting the rent, increasing the rent, and rent review clauses in tenancy agreements.

Day 12 – The term
The period of time the property is let for. I discuss short lets, and the legal differences between different term lengths.

Day 13 – The deposit
A look at the tenancy deposit regulations and when they apply.

Day 14 – Inventories
The importance of inventories and the advantages of using a professional inventory clerk

Day 15 – Unfair terms (1)
I look at the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations and describe how they affect tenancy agreements

Day 16 – Unfair terms (2)
Here I look at some practical applications of the regulations and how they affect particular tenancy agreement clauses

Day 17 – Bills
How these can be dealt with and apportioned in the tenancy agreement

Day 18 – Penalty clauses
How you can deal with these, without falling foul of the unfair terms regulations

Day 19 – Use
Looking in particular at why you should not allow your tenants to run a business from your rented property

Day 20 – Repairs
A quick look at the landlords statutory repairing covenants, and how you should deal with various repair and redecoration issues in the tenancy agreement

Day 21 – Insurance
Looking at both landlords’ and tenants’ insurance

Day 22 – Service of notices
Another look at s48 notices, and clauses for the service of notices on tenants

Day 23 – Inspections
When you can do them, looking also at the ‘covenant of quiet enjoyment’ and keys

Day 24 – Ending
Looking at clauses relating to ending the agreement, including break clauses, and what to do if one of joint tenants wants to leave.

Day 25 – Assignment
The Office of Fair Trading say it is unfair to forbid this. I have my own solution.

Day 26 – Left items
Items left behind by tenants when they vacate can be a big problem for landlords. I discuss how your tenancy agreement can help

Day 27 – Students
Looking at the particular problems associated with student lets, and how they can be overcome

Day 28 – Pets
Most landlords automatically forbid pets. This clause looks at why you might want to change your mind and what you should put in your tenancy agreement if you do

Day 29 – Preparation
Tips on preparing tenancy agreements for use, on signature, and stamping

Day 30 – Renewals
When your fixed term comes to an end, do you give a new agreement for a new fixed term? I discuss where whether you should do this, and talk about renewal forms


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