Pimlico Flats Newsletter – July 2015

Pimlico Flat ended 2014 with a new management team who are yet to be formally introduced to the world, but have made themselves known to tenants as we introduce new ways of doing business. 2014 was a year of change in which we introduced a number of  new people, and new ways of doing business. However we have had a stressful start to 2015, which we are now fully on top of.

In 2014 we had a disappointing lack of support from the police in dealing with the drugs dealer living in 79 Winchester St. who was making the lives of local residents and neighbours a misery, however after a long legal battle with the dealer’s legal aid team she was finally evicted, albeit she trashed the premises on her departure. A repair and refurbishment of the premises is currently underway, hopefully providing new affordable homes for 4 people later this year.

We had a massive big flood last year when the tenants in 71 Winchester St. awoke to the sound of the fire alarm and saw a river of water pouring down the stairs (except for a single tenant who slept through it all until he was woken by Philomena). Fire engines were called, alarms going and water gushing, fire men marching up to the boiler room all before the birds on a cold dark early morning of a Sunday… fortunately on of our regular contractors attended at 04:00 in order to stop the flood – which was caused by a burst pressure vessel (possibly a unique event).  This left the common parts of 71 Winchester St. badly in need of repair & replacement which has now been completed with a new carpet throughout.
Consultant at work

The outside of the houses is left shabby and damp due to this flood and several other troublesome maintenance issues which have now been resolved. We are committed to supporting the local Pimlico community and consequently we have employed a local contractor to repair and repaint the fronts of the properties. The Scaffolding will be erected on the front of 79 & 77 Winchester St. from 20th July, being moved to 73, 75, 71 Winchester St. a month later, and the fronts of the houses will be repaired and repainted.

We have also had a major overhaul of our repair reporting system. We are trialling an online reporting system available at  which we hope will be the future of resolving tenant issues quickly and efficiently. Most tenants are using this system successfully.

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