Royal Wedding Street Party in Pimlico Westminster SW1?

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Westminster CC Royal Wedding Street Party Regulations

If you are thinking of planning a street party or event to celebrate the Royal Wedding in Pimlico you have until tomorrow 15th March to apply to Westminster City Council. You need to Apply for an Event with the special events team, and an “event planning officer” will be in touch. The Council has vowed to keep to a minimum the amount of paperwork needed for residents to host a party to celebrate the royal wedding this Bank Holiday weekend (April 29th). Nevertheless holding a large event in Pimlico requires filling in up to eight council forms if roads need to be closed or temporary structures put up for a street party. There is a 48-page council ‘events guidelines for customers’ document but the events officer can help you with this and the council is committed to releasing community, voluntary and corporate groups from petty rules and regulations and will do all it can to help facilitate any parties, and many people will probably not even need to fill out any forms.

Why have a Royal Wedding Street Party?

  • To meet your neighbours in a fun way where everyone can join in.
  • Joining in the tradition with the royal wedding
  • To build a friendly community, rather than being strangers – you don’t have to become friends, just neighbours.
  • The street is the best place to meet as it is right outside your house.
  • To enjoy the street without cars which normally get in the way.
  • All ages and backgrounds can mingle in a relaxed way with less fear of difference.
  • Kids can play safely for a change and adults can join in.
  • It’s a great British tradition, and not just for kids.

How do I Organise a Pimlico Street Party?

Street Party

Street Party

A ‘street party’ is a free party is organised by and for all residents in 1 or 2 small streets, without external publicity. It doesn’t need a great amount of finance, organisation, or effort. Luckily there is an online guide which promises that having a street party is easier than you may think and will definitely be worth it. Trust that your neighbours will want one, because they will! Check out the guide to organising a street party.

Whatever you do – have a great day!

Pimlico Flats have a Serviced Apartment available to rent for the Royal Wedding.

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