Passport to Pimlico

Watch the Classic Film Passport to Pimlico today at 16:00 on Channel 4!

One of the archetypal Ealing comedies about ordinary people in a small community to which extraordinary things happen.

Screenwriter Clarke dreamed up the idea that the London district of Pimlico discovers that it legally belongs to Burgundy and the inhabitants, in order to free themselves from post-war austerity measures, especially the rationing restrictions, declare it an independent state. This, of course, puts Whitehall – in the delightful shape of Radford and Wayne – in a tizzy.

There is a case for the film to be seen as anti the post-war Labour Government, but the political satire is fairly mild. Mainly, the film gives opportunities for some of Britain’s best character actors, such as Rutherford, as a history scholar, and cockney Holloway, to do their stuff and revive the Dunkirk spirit of little people pulling together.

Plus – best of all – it is just soooo Pimlico!


Passport to Pimlico

Passport to Pimlico

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