Is Pimlico the Best Place in London to Have Sex?

I don’t know if this is another Blog that I am going to regret writing, I seem to be accident prone these days, maybe I should employ someone else to write my headlines! I have a number of automatic searches done for me automatically by minions such as Google, and today I was rather surprised to see “Pimlico Escorts” pop up. Because of the large number of Judges and MPs who have their London Pied a Terre in Pimlico, it is often said that Pimlico is the best place to keep your mistress, nevertheless our quiet residential area isn’t exactly as renown as our neighbour Soho in that department. Being a curious type I couldn’t resist following the link to see what I have been missing on our doorstep ………

A Pimlico Escort

……. well perhaps predictably the website is actually a London one, which hopes to catch local markets with specialist pages, but I felt that they astutely summarised Pimlico’s features and advantages, albeit from a limited perspective.

If London was a dartboard, and your dart found itself embedded in Pimlico, you’d not be far off bullseye. It is difficult to get much more central than Pimlico, and therefore the place has that aura of excitement exclusive to more central places.

Quite residential, many of the houses feature historic and beautiful architecture, adding to the pleasant atmosphere of the area. Although more residential than other central areas, Pimlico is not without its own entertainment. However, residents of Pimlico might take advantage of the close proximity of other areas of Central London when seeking bars or clubs, and with ample methods of transport, who can blame them?

So thank you Pimlico Escorts for explaining so succinctly why Pimlico is the best place in London to live, whatever you are going to do. Besides I would have to answer to Mrs. Pimlico Flats if I were to recommend anywhere else.

Dare I ask where you recommend?

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2 Responses to “Is Pimlico the Best Place in London to Have Sex?”

  1. Brilliant blog Nick, very amusing !!

    :) Martin

  2. Thanks Martin – their description of Pimlico is very good, they always say that sex sites have the profits to employ the best.

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