Cycling Round London on Cycle Hire Bikes

Charity Bike Ride

Charity Bike Ride

Yesterday and today 3rd of September Patrick, Jon and John have been embarking on one of the most ridiculous charity cycles anyone has ever done, they will attempt to be the first people to cycle around London on Barclays Cycle Hire bikes, docking the bike at every one of the 400 docking stations along the way, finishing in Westminster at about 11:00 a.m.. They are raising money for Frank Water Projects, who work to help bring safe, clean drinking water to thousands of people, in hundreds of villages and towns around India.

The details of this wacky cycle ride are as follows:

73 miles – distance as the crow flies

100 miles – the distance we will cycle (at the very least)

24 hours – the time taken

2 – the number of teams

350ish – the number of docking stations we will be stopping at

4:00mins – the time we will have to get between each docking station

23kg – the weight of a Barclays Cycle

Congratulations to Patrick, Jon and John on a fun and imaginative way to raise money. See the full mapped version of the London Cycle Challenge & find out more about the charity and donate.

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2 Responses to “Cycling Round London on Cycle Hire Bikes”

  1. […] recent articles on the Mayor’s Skyride, and the report on Friday’s completion of the cycle round all London’s cycle hire stations (a fun and imaginative way to raise money for Water Projects which has already exceeded their […]

  2. Sounds redicilous but it is really chairity and good thing especially when it bothers all of us – drinking clean water

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