Closing Time for the Pubs of Pimlico

Two Pimlico Pubs have shut this month – I’ve no idea why, but it’s tragic. Pubs are unique to British culture, and central to community, when a Pub closes the community is dealt a blow. The Pubs that have closed in the last month are The Clarendon, and the Contented Vine. Over the years a number of other pubs in the Pimlico Conservation area have shut – the Greyhound, the Dolphin, The Brahms & List. This should all be of major concern to anyone who looks to build community.

The Greyhound Public House SW1

The Dolphin, 114 Denbigh St SW1

The Dolphin is in Pimlico, the area south and west of Victoria Station, and has been closed since 2001 or so. The boards in front of the downstairs windows declare TOLPUBBLE. (and the NEW NAVIGATION INN which isn’t even in London).

The Dolphin appears to still be tenanted in its upper floors, but the pub is showing no signs of ‘doing’ anything at all; a surprise given the land values in the area. Depicted here in Summer 2002, it was still the same in February 2008. The address was the offices of a company called Coffee Wash Ltd, since dissolved.
The Dolphin, 114 Denbigh St SW1

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2 Responses to “Closing Time for the Pubs of Pimlico”

  1. Neil Collins says:

    The Greyhound actually re-opened two weeks after your comment and had originally been shut for ten years!
    We now have a local pub back in the area, and a traditional pie and mash restaurant too!! What more could we want?

    • You are right – and I went and had a drink in the Greyhound as the works were still being undertaken! By a happy coincidence Pimlico Flat’s manager – George – is a friend of the the Dad of the Greyhound’s owner & the Dad was undertaking the building work. We have a family business providing good old Pimlico standards of food and drink and we will be fools if we don’t use it and ensure that it is a success!

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