Budget Eating in Victoria, London, SW1

As a local I know all the best places to eat in the local area of Pimlico, Victoria, SW1 and we are richly blessed with a wide range of places to eat which are either take out, or eat in at take out prices.


Restaurant in Victoria

City Harvest Restaurant in Victoria, Buckingham Palace Road view

If you are near Victoria Station at lunchtime then City HarvestRestaurant in Victoria

 is a must. With a wide range of take out food, rolls sandwiches, and several freshly cooked meals every day this is the areas best stop for food. Further – if you mention “Pimlico Flats” you will be able to get a second helping for free!

Victoria Restaurant

City Harvest Restaurant in Victoria, Buckingham Palace Road, Internal view



At the junction where Wilton Rd. meets Warwick Way is Spicy Food Plus – here you can eat a fabulous meal for £3.50p, either to eat in, or take out. Thay have a Tandoori Oven and will cook a Chicken Tandoori, or Kebab, or Naan, for you while you watch.

Kazan – the Turkish Restaurant opposite – does an excellent value menu for those eating before 18:00.

I’m afraid Seafresh, the Wilton Rd. Fish and Chip shop  – whilst offering excellent quality, is severely overpriced. The best Fish and Chips to be had in the area are at Lupus Street .

For Kebabs I have always gone to Marmaris for Kebabs, and they were the best I have ever eaten. Sadly the restaurant has passed into new hands, and is now known as Cyprus Mangal – I can’t guarantee that the food is of the same standard, but I think it’s worth finding out.

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