Pimlico Murder – Press Sensationalism

Hani Abou El Kheir

Hani Abou El Kheir


As news of a cruel senseless killing is hitting the tabloid press I apologise to the friends and family of young Hani Abou El Kheir for picking up on the property aspects of the story, when of course the real story is the pointless waste of a young man’s life, his future ahead of him, and the grief of those he has left behind.

In choosing to write about this murder in the context of newspapers and property prices, I hope that I haven’t crossed a boundary of offensiveness for Hani Abou El Kheir’s family.

This post was prompted by the article from the Daily Mail which screamed:

Houses on one side of road where he was killed sell for half a million pounds while on the other side is a gang-plagued seventies estate

To put this in perspective the “gang-plagued seventies estate” could cost you a couple of thousand a month to rent a flat privately, and the only gangs I met there were streaming uncontrolled out of playgroup on a mission of mass destruction, or kids determined to get the fresh chips from the fish shop. This is what the murder scene really looks like on an average day:


No gangs, no drugs, no violence.

As for the disparaging “Seventies” label ……… Churchill Gardens was developed between 1946 and 1962 to a design by the architects Powell and Moya, and is notable as the only housing project completed under the ambitious Abercrombie Plan to redevelop the capital on more “efficient” lines. A pioneering example of mixed development, it acted as a model for many subsequent public housing projects, although few matched its size and even fewer achieved its architectural distinction or social diversity, and it was designated a conservation area in 1990, and in 1998 six blocks and the Accumulator Tower were listed Grade II.

Lupus Street

Lupus Street

So actually – living in Churchill Gardens is quite a good thing to aspire to.

Meanwhile on the other side of the street – well if there are any houses going for £500,000 I would like one please. In the Daily Mail’s own pictures 94 Lupus Street features and the property contradicts their price statistics.

Shortly after being bought for £1,650,000 this property rented for £6,500 pcm. Actually properties just round the corner will sell and rent for very much more.

So maybe don’t believe too much that you read in the papers about Lupus Street, Pimlico, Gangs and Drugs. But maybe do take some time tonight to think of Hani Abou El Kheir and his Mum.

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2 Responses to “Pimlico Murder – Press Sensationalism”

  1. Teena Vallerine says:

    An excellent post. Putting the facts right. The media insult everyone’s intelligence with lazy reporting in this way. As though the price of a person’s house is an indicator of their character. It creates division and prejudice and outrage, which is sadly how they sell their rags.

  2. […] I posted a blog about the press and their inaccuracies in the reporting of the cruel senseless killing of young Hani Abou El Kheir. I apologised in […]

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