Newsletter 13 October 2020

We hope that you are all continuing to stay safe and well, managed to enjoy some of the lovely weather we had over the Summer.   We would like to take the opportunity of thanking you all for your patience over the Summer whilst we undertook some fairly major roof repairs, balcony renovations and an upgrade to our main central heating system.   All major works have now been completed and everyone should now be warm and dry as we head into Autumn!

Covid 19

With the virus back on the rise, we are continuing to ensure the properties have hand sanitiser available in the communal entrances and that all regularly touched surfaces are sanitised frequently.  Please do continue to use the hand sanitiser when you enter the premises to help keep yourself and others safe.

New repairs reporting process

We are trying to improve our responses to day to day maintenance problems, and to speed up our response we are giving you the opportunity to report your faults directly into our maintenance list by eMail.   In order to report a fault please follow the following process:

  1. Email
  2. Provide your flat number and property address (eg Flat 2, 75 Winchester Street) in the subject line.
  3. Provide an overview of the repair / fault / maintenance issue in the body of the email, attaching photographs of the issue if appropriate.

You will receive an acknowledgement of the email within 2 hours which confirms that we have received your report.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please re-send the email to and we will check our spam filters.

You will then be contacted within 1 working day (ie Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm) to arrange a mutually convenient time for one of our maintenance team to inspect and / or resolve the issue.

If you have an emergency repair, eg flood, please still email to formally report the issue, but please also call 07788 370528 to raise the alert to the emergency.

Repairs & maintenance during Covid 19

Due to the continuing need to minimise contact to prevent the spread of Covid 19, until further notice the following will apply:

  • Any maintenance and repair issues reported will be assessed based on the severity of the fault and ease of access.
  • Where any of our team need to access your flat, please ensure that they have clear and easy access to the area as required.
  • For studio flats, we may ask you to leave the flat whilst we carry out the repairs, and for 1 and 2 bedroom flats we may ask you to remain in one of the other rooms, in order that appropriate distancing can be maintained.

Newsletter 30 March 2020

Coronavirus update

We are aware that, in line with Government guidelines, most of you are now working from home or have returned to stay with family until the situation resolves.  Meanwhile we have been doing our best to keep up to date with the various interventions being introduced to help alleviate financial difficulties in order that we can deal with your requests for assistance appropriately.

Property maintenance

We will now only deal with urgent and critical repairs inside occupied flats to maintain social distancing and minimise the risk of spread of infection.  Please email to report any repairs  or maintenance issues requiring attention.  If we need to access your flat to carry out essential works we may ask you to leave the property whilst we do so in order that we can maintain the social distancing guidelines.  In the meantime, please help to minimise the risk of emergency call outs by avoiding putting anything down the sinks or toilets that may cause blockages.  Please also remember to take your keys with you when you leave the property as we may not be in a position to respond to tenants having locked themselves out of their flats.

Disinfection practices

We are continuing to regularly disinfect areas such as door handles, light switches and handrails using an antiviral cleaning solution to minimise the chance of cross-infection.  You will have also noticed that alcohol hand sanitiser has now been provided in the communal entrance areas – please do use this (sparingly as it is still difficult to source) when you enter the building.  

Financial difficulties

Please continue to email at the earliest opportunity if you anticipate having any difficulty meeting your rent payments.  Whilst we will be flexible and understanding, it is also important to recognise that our costs remain, and in some circumstances have increased, and we are therefore not in a position to waive rent payments due.  Instead, any concession agreed will be similar to a mortgage holiday, whereby some of your rent due may be deferred for payment later via an agreed repayment schedule.  Meanwhile the Government has put in place a number of interventions to provide assistance to a significant proportion of workers:

  • If you are paid via your employer’s payroll & PAYE system and at risk of losing your job due to Coronavirus, you can ask your employer to furlough you in order to retain 80% of your income – this includes zero hours and commission only contracts.
  • If you are self-employed you will receive a grant equivalent to 80% of your average 3 months’ earnings calculated based on submitted tax returns.

Further information and help with finances at this time are available from:

Coronavirus Update 

Life as we know it seems to have changed beyond recognition over the last few days as Coronavirus takes hold in the UK, with recent reports acknowledging that London is a  hotspot for the spread of the virus.  As a responsible landlord we are closely following  the Government’s briefings, and we are committed to following the guidelines for minimising the spread of infection.  We will continue to adjust our practices as necessary and issue further updates as the situation develops.

Disinfection practices 

We are regularly disinfecting areas such as door handles, light switches and handrails  using an antiviral cleaning solution.  Despite supply difficulties, we have also managed  to source some alcohol hand sanitiser which we expect to be delivered early next week.  Once this is received, a bottle will be placed inside each of the communal entrances, and we would politely request that all tenants use this on entering the building.  In the meantime, can we remind all tenants of the importance of regular handwashing in minimising the spread of the virus.

Self-isolation and home working 

With more of you now working from home there is the increased chance of meeting   others in hallways and on the stairs.  Government guidelines are to maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres from other people at all times and we would ask tenants to respect this.  Should you experience the Coronavirus symptoms of a cough  and / or fever you should self-isolate for 7 days if you live alone, or the whole household should self-isolate for 14 days if you live with others.  Please let us know by  emailing if you are self-isolating as a result of developing symptoms and we will do our best to ensure that you have adequate supplies of food  and other essentials.


Property maintenance 

We are in the process of setting up a dedicated email address for reporting any
property maintenance issues and will notify you of the procedure as soon as this has been arranged.  In the meantime, please email if you have any faults or repairs requiring attention.

In the event that we or our contractors need to access your apartment to carry out required inspections or maintenance we will contact you in advance in the usual way,  but we will now also ask you a number of questions to ascertain the risk of spreading  infection.  All necessary precautions will be taken to avoid any personal contact during  access.  If you are self-isolating due to the onset of symptoms access may be deferred  until your period of self-isolation has been completed.

Financial difficulties 

We are mindful that the months ahead may prove difficult financially for many people  with potential job losses, reduced working hours or reduced income.  Please email at the earliest opportunity if you anticipate having any difficulty meeting your rent payments in order that options can be discussed.

New Cycle Route From Pimlico Proposed

The new proposals include

  • Segregated two-way cycle track replaces one traffic lane on Spur Road (between Constitution Hill and the junction of Spur Road and The Mall)
  • Segregated two-way cycle track replaces two southbound traffic lanes on Spur Road (between the junction of Spur Road and The Mall, and Birdcage Walk)

Elements of the previous scheme that would remain

  • Eastbound segregated cycle track and westbound mandatory cycle lane replace one traffic lane on Birdcage Walk
  • New signalised junction at Birdcage Walk / Spur Road
  • Relocated signalised pedestrian crossing on Birdcage Walk (outside Wellington Barracks), with a dedicated traffic light phase for cyclists
  • Straighter, shorter and wider pedestrian crossings at Buckingham Gate
  • Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists at Buckingham Gate
  • Widened footways on the western side of Link Road replace one traffic lane

Detailed proposals

Segregated two-way cycle track replaces one traffic lane on Spur Road (between Constitution Hill and the junction of Spur Road and The Mall)

  • The cycle track would allow cyclists to travel between Birdcage Walk and Constitution Hill without having to travel around the busy gyratory and move across traffic lanes
  • The cycle track would be at carriageway level and would be 6 metres wide (narrowing to 4.5 metres wide at the traffic signals). It would be separated from other traffic by a row of segregating flexible bollards
  • Cyclists would continue to be able to travel between Constitution Hill and The Mall (North Horse Ride) using the existing shared-use footway; bollards would help encourage appropriate cycling speed

Segregated two-way cycle track replaces two southbound traffic lanes on Spur Road (between the junction of Spur Road and The Mall, and Birdcage Walk)

  • This proposal replaces the proposed mandatory southbound cycle lane that we consulted on in February, and would make it a two-way cycle track
  • Making the track two-way, instead of one-way, would allow cyclists to travel northbound as well as southbound along Spur Road, between Birdcage Walk and Constitution Hill, without having to travel around the busy gyratory and move across traffic lanes
  • The cycle track would be at carriageway level and would be 6 metres wide (narrowing to 4.5 metres wide at the traffic signals and through Australia Gate). It would be separated from other traffic by a row of segregating flexible bollards
  • The signalised junction at Spur Road/Birdcage Walk would have dedicated traffic light phases for cyclists, allowing cycle and vehicle movements to be separated. Motor traffic would be held at red lights whilst cyclists travel east and west through the junction. Left-turning traffic from Spur Road would also be held at a red light whilst cyclists turn right from Spur Road into Birdcage Walk (towards Buckingham Gate)

This consultation closes on Sunday, 4 October 2015.

Full Details are available here

Register your view here

Pimlico Flats Newsletter – July 2015

Pimlico Flat ended 2014 with a new management team who are yet to be formally introduced to the world, but have made themselves known to tenants as we introduce new ways of doing business. 2014 was a year of change in which we introduced a number of  new people, and new ways of doing business. However we have had a stressful start to 2015, which we are now fully on top of.

In 2014 we had a disappointing lack of support from the police in dealing with the drugs dealer living in 79 Winchester St. who was making the lives of local residents and neighbours a misery, however after a long legal battle with the dealer’s legal aid team she was finally evicted, albeit she trashed the premises on her departure. A repair and refurbishment of the premises is currently underway, hopefully providing new affordable homes for 4 people later this year.

We had a massive big flood last year when the tenants in 71 Winchester St. awoke to the sound of the fire alarm and saw a river of water pouring down the stairs (except for a single tenant who slept through it all until he was woken by Philomena). Fire engines were called, alarms going and water gushing, fire men marching up to the boiler room all before the birds on a cold dark early morning of a Sunday… fortunately on of our regular contractors attended at 04:00 in order to stop the flood – which was caused by a burst pressure vessel (possibly a unique event).  This left the common parts of 71 Winchester St. badly in need of repair & replacement which has now been completed with a new carpet throughout.
Consultant at work

The outside of the houses is left shabby and damp due to this flood and several other troublesome maintenance issues which have now been resolved. We are committed to supporting the local Pimlico community and consequently we have employed a local contractor to repair and repaint the fronts of the properties. The Scaffolding will be erected on the front of 79 & 77 Winchester St. from 20th July, being moved to 73, 75, 71 Winchester St. a month later, and the fronts of the houses will be repaired and repainted.

We have also had a major overhaul of our repair reporting system. We are trialling an online reporting system available at  which we hope will be the future of resolving tenant issues quickly and efficiently. Most tenants are using this system successfully.

Pimlico Gets 24 Hour Tube Trains

London is already a 24-hour city, and from September on Friday & Saturday nights TfL is rolling out a 24-hour Tube to match. Pimlico will be at the center of this night network with Pimlico and Victoria Stations seeing tube trains every 10 mins. This will meant that whatever your evening out in the West End has involved, there will be no reason to cut it short to get home to Pimlico!

Jubilee and Victoria lines – trains running on average every 10 minutes across the entire lines

Central line – trains running approximately every 10 minutes between White City and Leytonstone and approximately every 20 minutes between Ealing Broadway to White City and Leytonstone to Loughton/ Hainault

Northern line – trains running on average every 8 minutes between Morden and Camden Town and approximatively every 15 minutes from Camden Town to High Barnet / Edgware

Piccadilly line – trains running on average every 10 minutes between Cockfosters and Heathrow Terminal 5

Central Night Tube

Click for Full TfL Night Map

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